Patient Advocacy: Rewarding and Challenging

Patient advocacy is of course incredibly rewarding.  Referring a woman, newly diagnosed with breast cancer, to just the right program or organization to help with her particular circumstance makes for an amazing day at work.

At the moment, we are faced with finding resources for two women who share the same problem:  Medicare does not cover all the costs of their treatment or medication and they cannot afford the supplemental coverage. One of those women has actually stopped treatment. Is this a coincidence?  Or is it, as a breast center nurse called it, a new trend of “Medicare poor” or “retired poor”?

The PBCC will not give up until we find a resolution for these women, but meanwhile we worry about that regimen of chemotherapy being interrupted and what it will do to her.  And we worry about the other patients these two women may represent … the ones with the same problem who aren’t calling because they have already given up.

If you or someone you know has been recently diagnosed with breast cancer, please contact the PBCC if there is anything we can do to help. This is why we’re here.


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